Kevin Willingham is a classically trained percussionist with a Bachelors degree in Music Performance focusing on world percussion. He is an educator, a composer, and a performer. Practicing and performing in a variety of styles from classical percussion such as Timpani, Snare, Marimba, Vibraphone; Afro-Cuban instruments including Congas, Timbales, Bongos; Middle Eastern instruments such as Riq, Tar, Doumbek; African styles with Djembe and even other Frame Drums from around the world such as Pandeiro, Kanjira and Mediterranean Tambourine.

As a current student of N. Scott Robinson and Todd Roach he focuses on Frame Drumming from around the world using the wonderful drums made by Cooperman. With these connections he traveled to Vermont to perform at the North American Frame Drum Association North Conference and once again performed with Josh Daly at NAFDA Midwest by request of N. Scott Robinson and with Todd Roach.

Currently performing with Final Veil; a Middle Eastern infused electronic group using ideas of modern club music with Middle Eastern sounds and musical forms. Kevin adds a unique sound to the live performance and select recordings by adding an extra layer of multiple hand percussion and frame drum styles from across the globe. Be it grooving with a tumbao on a set of Congas, using Italian techniques on a tambourine or playing a Maksum on a Doumbek.

Kevin also is currently working with Josh Daly, a fellow colleague and great Percussionist, in the duo called VB112. VB112 is The St. Louis Frame Drum duo focusing on using both traditional techniques and modern styles to collaborate with other musicians and write new music for this growing music and community. They also experiment with other hand drumming and percussion styles to infuse a wider variety into their music.