New performance dates and more in the works.

If you direct your attention to the right side of the page I have added a cell for upcoming performance dates. I will update the information as it becomes available to me and I've linked to websites for the venue so you can know more about those places.

Also if you enjoy Marimba I would suggest you check out a fellow colleague's website. Patrick Frenking is a very talented Marimbist and certainly the only one I know of in St. Louis. I don't even enjoy Marimba very much but I can easily watch him play and enjoy it. Check out his site and listen to his performances; there is even some audio/video up from when him and I have performed together.

I have had a video lesson in the back log for some time now. It will be a 101 lesson of lap style frame drumming and I'll try and finish it very soon. I will also try and get some written lessons up as well in the near future.